Trades to Telegram – new GunBot tool !


There is a new python tool in the wild for your GunBot !

This python script will post messages to your Telegram account everytime GunBot makes a Buy or Sell .

very cool !


1. download and install python 2.7.13 for windows: tick “Add python to PATH” !!

2. pip install python-telegram-bot
[if telegram-bot is already installed] pip install python-telegram-bot –upgrade

3. pip install colorama
4. pip install requests

EDIT for Poloniex ( download it from ).
EDIT for Bittrex ( download it from ).

a. Generate new API from Poloniex, change pkey/spkey
a.2. IF you use Bittrex, also generate a new API key in Bittrex .

b. Change “TG_BOT_TOKEN” to your telegram bot token that you got from BotFather:
c. Talk to @BotFather and type “/newbot” to create a bot.
d. answer the questions by typing answers and pressing enter
e. then type in chat your bot’s name (for ex. @gb-to-telegram) and press start button
d. Change “TG_ID” to your telegram chat id (to find it out send command “/my_id” to telegram user @get_id_bot) – it should look like 34223444


python – For Poloniex
python – For Bittrex

That’s it ! From this point you should get the Trades in your Telegram Bot .


IF it worked for you, and you use and like it, PLEASE donate any amount you wish !





  1. der wolf says:

    Always getting this error:

    File “python”, line 62
    print “The ‘”+i+”‘ package is not installed. Attempting to install…”
    SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to ‘print’

    Everything is installed, running on python 3.6.3

  2. s says:

    did all the steps and when typing “python” but a window just flashed real fast and disappeared so I don’t know if it’s running. I have made some buys but I’m not getting alerts. I have started the chat with my bot everything

  3. Robert Crist says:

    I followed the steps but it is not working… the cmd window comes up and will get pairs and get to my estimated BTC balance and then closes on me… not sure if there is a error or what cause the window closes so quickly

  4. nicky10116 says:

    It’ s not working for Poloniex. I got ” WARNING: Polo is lagging, or we’ve got some error: ”, ‘[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:661)”??

  5. Lama says:

    I get update in my telegram every 5s, is it possible to get update only in case there was new trade?

  6. Chopsticks says:

    Awesome! Got it working. It took me almost an hour but I’m stoked!

  7. Didi says:

    thats nice, but the explaination needs to improve…..

    1. download and install python 2.7.13 for windows: tick β€œAdd python to PATH” !!

    PATH ?? Wich Path i need ?? Gunbot ? Telegram ?

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