Today we get the chance to make some free Bitcoin !

This Guide is very simple, tested and confirmed by a lot of users .

This ONLY works if :
a. You have a BTC wallet (wallet A) with private keys or seed .
b. You have a wallet with BTC (wallet A) since BEFORE the 1 August Hard Fork .

How to double your Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash

1. Wallet A – is your wallet with Bitcoin
2. Create a new BTC wallet – Wallet B – (get Electrum Wallet for this)
3. Move your BTC from Wallet A to Wallet B …. WAIT for more then 3 confirmations … that’s what I did anyway πŸ™‚
4. Create a BCC Wallet [ see the BCC electrum version : “Electron Cash” ]
5. Import the private keys from wallet A into the new BCC wallet [menu > Wallet > Private keys > Wweep ]


6. If everything is OK then you should get a Confirmation message – click BROADCAST .

TAdaaaaaaaaaaaa .. that’s it !

UPDATE 02.08.2017

IF your Electron wallet looks empty after importing the BTC private keys, go to your Electron Bcc Wallet and manually select one of the servers :

UDATE 03.08.2017 – for Trezor Wallets

How to claim your BCC / BCH if you have a Trezor Wallet

To claim your BCC (or BCH) from Trezor, please see the official the following links from Trezor :

Claiming BCH using the Trezor tool :
Source :

UPDATE 04.08.2017

1. Bittrex and most of the other markets opened Deposits for BCC (and the price crashed)
2. Poloniex announced it would give all users their BCC amount if they had BTC in their wallet at the time of the Fork
3. Coinbase also announced it will give users their BCC


What to do with the BCC now ?
My suggestion would be to transfer it to Bittrex and SELL it for some good old BTC … or just keep it, if you believe it will sky-rocket at some point .

UPDATE 11.08.2017

CoinJar – BCC (bch) CLAIM – 60 days timeframe .

Just got this from CoinJar :

“FromΒ August 21, a 60-day claim window will open for users who held a BTC balance in their CoinJar at 1 August 2017.Β BCH tokens will be provided as a single withdrawal and we will require a fixed processing fee of 0.05 BCH in order to cover transaction fees and administrative overheads.”

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  1. ODOGWU says:


  2. X3niaS says:

    I imported my ‘wallet A’ seeds in Electron. (had some btc there during the fork)
    No history (and no BCC) show up??
    Any idea what to do?

  3. jp says:

    After the fork I sent my bitcoin from electrum to bittrex to do some trading without realizing that you can get BCC, How do I get my BCC now for the bitcoin I had previously in my electrum wallet which is now no longer there?

  4. Steash says:

    Does any one know what
    No Inputs Found (Note: inputs need to be confirmed)

    means in the electron Cash Wallet????/

  5. snowphish says:

    Ok… i’ve got my bitcoin in Electron Wallet. I’ve created the Electro Cash Wallet, i go to Sweep and i enter one of my many keys that Electron Wallet says i have when i select export. then I click sweep and no matter what i do, i get a message saying “No inputs found. (Note that inputs need to be confirm).” I have no idea what to do next. Thanks again for all your help.

    • Mr Crypto says:

      Well, that usually means that those private keys did not have BTC in them at the time of the fork.
      I did see a couple of dudes with a similar problem, so they create a new Electron Wallet and on a second trial, it worked . note .. DO NOT erase you first Eletron Wallet in case it did work and you just can see it because of servers errors.
      Also, in Electron Wallet, manually select one of the 2 servers posted above just to be sure it’s not a network issue .

      • snowphish says:

        Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I am sorry for all the questions… but am i getting the private keys from Wallet A (Bitcoin Core) or Wallet B (Electrum)… it was Wallet B that i got my keys from in my above scenario.

        • Mr Crypto says:

          follow the above guide with care !
          – first send the BTC from wallet A to another NEW btc wallet and wait for a couple of confirmations.
          – then export the keys from wallet A and import them in the electron wallet and that’s it ! πŸ™‚
          Cheers !

        • snowphish says:

          I tried getting the keys from Wallet A (bitcoin core), and now when i sweep w/Electron Cash wallet i get the error message:

          unsupported operating type(s) for *: ‘Nonetype’ and ‘int’
          i’m about to give up. πŸ™

          Thanks again for all your assistance.

  6. snowphish says:

    Can i repeat this process? Is this all or nothing or can i just do part of a bitcoin to try it out and then add the rest later? Thanks for your help.

    • Mr Crypto says:

      you can do it in steps if you have different keys that had btc . but with just one private key, no . it’s a one time thing .

      • snowphish says:

        Thanks for your reply. I”m a bit of a novice here, but i have my bitcoin in Bitcoin Core (Qt) Wallet, so how do I know if i have a private key or a seed? I don’t see anything relating to those terms in the wallet. Thanks again.

    • snowphish says:

      I got some sort of response from electron Cash wallet now… i got a Transaction ID, but my balance is still 0, does it take a few hours to update? It says amount received and a number of mBcc.

      Thanks again, Mr. Crypto, you’re fantastic for helping me here.

    • snowphish says:

      I got a response this time and have a transaction ID and it says it received an amount; however, my balance is still 0. Does it take a few hours to update the balance?
      Again, thank you so much for all your help.

      • Mr Crypto says:

        well yes, you have to wait for confirmations now and you have your BCC πŸ™‚ . you can always tip the author if you want to thank him πŸ˜€

    • snowphish says:

      Having used the servers listed at the top, my transactions appeared to go through and said i received BCC, but balance is still zero.

      i tried switching between the 2 server listed above and closing and opening the wallet, but still 0. Any other ideas? it’s been over an hour since the first Private Key Sweep transaction window popped up and said i had X amount of coins.

      Am i being too impatient? Shouldn’t i see some sort of processing information yet? Will this take like a day or something? Thanks yet again. πŸ™‚ I appreciate you bearing with me.

      • Mr Crypto says:

        Well there are 2 cases here .. either you see the transactions in the wallet and then you just need to wait for confirmations, or you don’t see them in the wallet at all after you broadcasted them in the network and in that case, manually choose one of the servers mentioned above in the article .
        Cheers !

  7. Vicle says:

    Hi, will this process work with other wallets, say trezor?

  8. Steash says:

    thanks , in process now

  9. Steash says:

    The electrum wallet that i am downloading for the first time asks for me to choose from following options with create new seed as defualt, do you know which i should choose. The option are:
    Create new seed
    I already have a seed
    Use Public or Private Keys
    Use a Hardware Device

    and thanks again Mr Crypto

    • Mr Crypto says:

      If you want a new wallet, then the logical thing is to choose CREATE NEW SEED – save that in safe place !
      Now, this will create a new Bitcoin / BTC wallet .
      If you need a new Bitcoin Cash / BCC wallet you should get ELECTRON wallet – see bitcoincash . org

      cheers !

  10. David says:

    how does it work, if wallet A is a BitGo wallet.
    How can i use the encrypted private key?

    Thanks for your help

    • Mr Crypto says:

      Hello there . Sadly, I don’t know if you can … but you should be able to do it.

      • Steash says:

        My coins are in a Bitcoin Core Wallet on a different PC

        Currently Downloading Electrum Wallet (Basic)

        I am given this option

        Do you want to create a new seed, or to restore a wallet using an existing seed?

        Create new seed
        I already have a seed
        Use Public or Private Keys
        Use a Hardware Device

        Which should I use,

        Thank you

        • Mr Crypto says:

          let’s say Bitcoin Core Wallet is Wallet A .
          Move all from Wallet A to another BTC wallet – WALLET B
          After that import the keys of wallet A into the new WALLET C – the BCC wallet .

        • Steash says:

          Does anyone know what

          ‘No Inputs Found’

          Means when trying this on the Electron Cash Wallet means

          • Mr Crypto says:

            That means that the keys don’t have / had any BTC in it . if you are sure that they did had btc at 1 august, try creating another wallet .. but don’t delete your current wallet just in case is just a network error . when a key that had btc will be found, you will see a transfer window and click Broadcast.

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