Gunbot XT has been released !

Gunbot XT just got released and it’s Awesome !

We are glad to announce the release of GUNBOT XT along with a pack of new upgrades, new strategies, a great Wiki and more .

What’s new in Gunbot XT

  • A great Web GUI compatible with all Operating Systems.
  • TradingView Chart integration for all your traded coin-pairs.
  • New awesome Trading Strategies
  • New market added : Bitfinex
  • Wicked and comprehensive Gunbot WiKi
  • The TradingView Addon for Gunbot

And those are just a few of the upcoming perks !

Gunbot XT - Overall Presentation

How to first run your new GUNBOT XT

Watch the new GUNBOT XT in action

GUNBOT XT – LIVE in action .
Trading 68 coin-pairs on Poloniex and 100 coin-pairs on Bittrex.


Available Trading Strategies in Gunbot XT

Supported Exchange in Gunbot XT

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