How to get a FREE Gunbot license for Huobi

How to get a Free Gunbot License for Huobi

Update 2019:
This offer has expired and is no longer available!

To keep your Gunbot license for Huobi, simply upgrade to a Gunbot license with more API Slots.

Gunbot users can get additional API Slots by upgrading the Gunbot license or by getting more Gunthy Tokens (and automatically activating extra API Slots):

  • Gunbot Standard / 1 API Slot – requires 1000 Gunthy Tokens
  • Gunbot Pro / 3 API Slots – requires 1500 Gunthy Tokens
  • Gunbot Unlimited / 5 API Slots – requires 2500 Gunthy Tokens

Happy trading and plus profits!

Do you want to get your free trading bot for Huobi?

With the release of Gunbot 11, our partners at Huobi market have been integrated into the latest Gunbot v11 release.

Get a 100% free Gunbot License for Huobi. Here is how :

  1. Register for a new Huobi account using the following link [ mandatory ] : 

  2. Send us your Huobi UID (user id/mail) + your Gunbot order no (or Gunbot license) and we will send you a 100% discount coupon for a standard Gunbot license for Huobi – valued now at 0.1 BTC! Please remember to specify if it is a fresh Huobi account registered with the above link or an older Huobi account.

That’s it !

* Free Huobi Gunbot licenses are granted only to Gunbot owners (Standard / Pro / Unlimited) for a limit amount of time.
* Non Gunbot customers and Gunbot Lite owners can still request a 50% discount using the same steps as above.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What if I already have a Huobi account?
    answer: no problem . just contact us and send us your Huobi UID and we will send you the 100% discount coupon for a standard Huobi Gunbot license

  2. What if I don’t have either a Gunbot License or a Huobi account?
    answer: New Gunbot Pro and Gunbot Unlimited licenses get Huobi for free (with the above link registration). Also, new Standard Gunbot license customers can request a 50% discount coupon for Huobi – limited time only!

  3. How do you get your Huobi UID?
    answer :

    – Visit Account & Security in your Huobi account : Huobi how to get user id UID

A bit of history about the latest Huobi Free License offer

With the latest Gunbot ver 11, Huobi has become part of the Gunbot supported exchanges.

Huobi is one of the first in a series of markets that will support the Gunbot Community.

To celebrate this new Huobi integration, Gunbot owners can get a free Huobi Gunbot license (new customers can get a 50% discount) with the condition of registering for a Huobi account as a Gunbot Community referred user.

The outcome is a win-win situation, both for the Gunbot users that get a free Huobi Gunbot License and also for the future of Gunbot development.

Do note this offer is a free and temporary offer only available to Gunbot license owners. This license will only be available for a short period of time (for testing and development purposes).

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