Gunthy Token Giveaway

UPDATE 01 March 2020

We thank all the participants of our first token Giveaway!

All the entries have been checked and validated!

The Gunthy tokens have already been delivered to the participants:

Happy trading and Plus Profits!

We are very excited to offer all Gunbot license owners a chance to enter our Gunthy Token giveaway.

To enter, simply click on the link below and be sure you follow the rules of the giveaway.

The most important Giveaway Rules are:

  1. Only Gunbot owners can enter the token giveaway (based on the registered Gunthy Wallet address)
  2. Get more GUNTHY tokens by completing the tasks below. Every 5 points will get you 100 GUNTHY tokens.
  3. A Gunbot owner can only participate once in the token giveaway.
  4. The Gunthy tokens are only delivered to registered Gunthy Wallets (only to registered Gunbot owners)


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