Gunthy token airdrop ends

Two and a half years ago, the Gunbot management team was launching the utility-token called the GUNTHY token.

All Gunbot owners have had the option to migrate to the new token-based licensing system, with a deadline on September 1st 2020, if they want access to the latest Gunbot versions.

What happens to Gunbot owners that never migrate to the new token-based system?

Gunbot owners that did not migrate to the new token-based system will not receive the GUNTHY tokens for free after September 1st 2020.
Gunbot license owners that never migrated to the new token-based system will have to buy the needed GUNTHY tokens in order to be able to use the new and upgraded Gunbot versions (+ver.16).

The Gunbot management team states:

As planned, by 1st of September we will stop airdropping tokens to old customers that didn't still migrate to the new system. Gunbot owners had over two and a half years to do so.

Gunbot owners looking to get Gunthy tokens can do so at the main website of our Gunbot License distributor,
2. ( Gunthy token listing imminent – estimated September 2020)

Are there any License Migration Costs?

There are no migration costs.
Also, the Gunbot license key change Fee has been totally removed. Changing your market and/or API Key can be done directly from your Gunbot’s SWAP Section (Edit License Section), without any costs.

Access to token-based Gunbot Upgrades

Do note that you get access to token-based Upgrades, by holding more Gunthy tokens in your registered ERC20 wallet.

API Slots Upgrades

Holding 1500 Gunthy tokens or 2500 Gunthy tokens will expand your single API Slot license to a 3 API Slot license (if you are holding 1500 Gunthy tokens) or to a 5 API Slot license (if you are holding 2500 Gunthy tokens).

Note: Gunbot promo-license owners do not get access to the token-based Upgrades!

Special Gunbot Add-on Upgrades

The Gunbot token-based ranking system, based on the number of tokens in holding, can get the Gunbot owner access to the most advanced Gunbot Add-ons:

1. The Gunbot Marker Maker Add-on – at this time 25000 tokens would be needed in holding. Only Gunbot #Rank 10 users will have access to this add-on.
2. bitRage – the Arbitrage Add-on – at this time 12000 tokens would be needed in holding to get access to bitRage.

* Important Note A: Token-based upgrades do not come with any other Gunbot add-ons, like the TradingView Alerts Add-on, or the Backtesting Indicator Add-on.
** Important Note B: the Gunbot special add-ons are still under development.


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