The Gunbot team has added a new Strategy to the trading arsenal.

The new automated trading strategy is called Spot-Grid and is used, you guessed it, with any Spot market. Do note, for the Futures markets, you must use the strategy futures-Grid.

To access this new strategy, users need to update to the latest beta version (available over the Gunbot member groups on Telegram).

How to create this new Spot-Grid strategy

1. Create a new strategy

Create a new strategy and name it spotGRID (or whatever you wish).

There are only 2 tabs with this strategy, and thus, there are very few strategy settings to be set with this particular strategy.

This strategy is a bit different, and the common settings, like the confirming indicators, have no role at all. There is also no stop limit in the Spot-Grid strategy.

Create Gunbot Strategy - The Grid-Spot Strategy

2. Set the Grid-Spot strategy settings

If the market goes up, this strategy will ride the up-trend.

If the market goes down, this strategy will accumulate in ever-increasing steps. There is also no stop limit in the Spot-Grid strategy.

The “Basic” strategy tab for the Spot-Grid strategy

All essential settings for this strategy are located here.

Note! It is important to calculate the “trading limit” x “Max buy count” to know the needed capital for trading.


Gunbot Strategy - The Grid-Spot Strategy

The “Advanced” strategy tab for the Spot-Grid strategy

In the Advanced tab, you can set just a couple of options, like the Auto-Gain function, the Period, and the Grid Multiplier.

Mostly, Gunbot users will want to use a low Period (candle-stick) since this is a high-frequency trading strategy.

Auto-Gain – Sets a dynamic sell target for Spot-Grid. The target is never lower than 2x trading fees, the target decreases when the position size increases. Overrules a manually set target.

Grid-Multiplier – Can be used to increase or decrease the distance between buy orders. Default value 1 means that the hardcoded levels are used. 1.5 would increase the levels with a factor 1.5x, a value of 0.5 would halve the default levels.

The Period – The “size” of the candlesticks used for indicator calculation, make sure that you use an accepted Period value for your exchange. The Value represents minutes.

Gunbot Strategy - The Grid-Spot Strategy

How does the Spot-Grid strategy perform?

It is only a matter of time until you try this new strategy.
The Spot-Grid strategy will try to do as many small trades as it can, trailing profits and accumulating profits!

Performance Gunbot Strategy - The Grid-Spot Strategy

That’s it!

Now you can use the Spot-Grid strategy with Gunbot, for any spot trading coin-pair.

Happy Trading and Plus Profits!

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