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bitRage – the Arbitrage bot

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*** NOTE : Our development team as well as our Beta Testers are working hard to get bitRage out as soon as possible !

View the latest live results and current beta version on our live Telegram bot based on bitRage LIVE :

BitRage Signals :

bitrage crypto signals

What is bitRage ?

bitRage is a smart automated Arbitrage trading bot .
bitRage is able to do the simultaneous buys and and sells of crypto coin-pairs, in different market places (using the same exchange, Binance for example), in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset classes.

For example, bitRage will be able to trade BTC-ETH & ETH-AMP & AMP-BTC with the target of making a profit in BTC .
Arbitrage trading is very powerful and trades happen in a very short amount of time .

Warning ! Limited Edition / Limited Stock !

bitRage is only available is short supply ! Only a few number of traders will be able to be part of our select Arbitrage group .

Who can buy bitRage ?

bitRage is only available to Gunbot owners ! Buy a Gunbot License here .

Gunbot owners are always entitled to our new products . bitRage makes no difference and is *only available to Gunbot owners .

You don’t own a Gunbot License yet ? Buy Gunbot now !

Order while available !

*** bitRage is not part of the Affiliate Program . The bitRage arbitrage bot is only offered to current active Gunbot customers.


The Gunbot product series and the related Gunbot services are sold and delivered by Gunthy LTD. acts as a Affiliate and Support Persona for Gunbot purchases made using our website affiliate links.
Any information provided on this website or via emails is not to be considered legal or investment or financial advice. Investments and trading come with risks .

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