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What is Gunbot ?

Gunbot is a Trading automation software for crypto-currencies, also known as a crypto trading bot.
Gunbot works with the following markets : Bitmex, Poloniex, Bittrex, Cex.io, Binance, Coinbase Pro (GDAX), Kraken, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Huobi .. and more!

Set your Trading Strategy and Indicator Settings and let Gunbot do the trading for you !

One time payment with a life-time of software upgrades, premium human support and community special perks .

Looking for Gunbot Support ?

Contact us anytime via our live-chat website widget OR via email OR via our live support Telegram Group.

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How does Gunbot automatic trading work ?

Download & Run

All you need to do is Get your API key (that is also the license key), Download Gunbot and Run it !
Simply download, configure ( add your API Keys / Coins Pairs / Strategies ) and run Gunbot !

Gunbot Configuration

You must configure the Bot before you run it . Set the Pair (BTC-ETH) | (BASE-QUERY), Set the Amount you want to trade, the Buy and Sell Strategy and you are done .
More info can be found in the Gunbot Wiki.

Hardware Requirements

You can run Gunbot from your own computer / laptop OR you can buy a VPS (virtual private server) from one of the recommended providers : Contabo Servers or a VPS provider of your choice.
We recommend choosing an instance with a min. 4 cores and 4 GB RAM .

Let the Money come to you !

All set-up ?! Great ! Then let the money come to you ! Check your configuration settings from time to time and besides that look for Free Tools that can help you in choosing the best settings for your Coin Pairs, like : Gunbot Backtesting with Allanster’s Scripts or a TradeingView.com account for TA and charting.

Why buy Gunbot ?

Simply because it's the best Automated Trading Bot for trading platforms like Bitmex, Bittrex, Binance (+ 130 other exchanges).

Gunbot comes packed with more than 17 customizable SPOT Trading Strategies and 14 customizable MARGIN Trading Strategies.

Start automating your crypto Trades and Profits with Gunbot - The Automated Trading Bot .

Onetime Payment - Lifetime License

Works on Windows / Linux / Mac

Great Community and Support

Multiple Buy & Sell Strategies:

ADX, ATRTS, Bollinger Bands, Bollinger Bands (TA), EMA spread, Emotionless, Gain, Ichimoku, MACD, MACDH, Pingpong, Stepgain, Spotgrid, Spotgrid Advanced, SMA cross, Support / Resistance, TSSL,Time series analysis

More then 8000 Active GunBot Traders

Make money while you sleep !

. We recommend a Contabo VPS Server with Windows 10 or Linux for best performance - priced at $15 per month.

Gunbot First Time Run

Follow this short guide to run Gunbot for the first time .

Download & Unzip the latest version

Start the Gunthy-GUI and go to http://localhost:5000

Create a password & login .

Configure - SETTINGS tab / add API KEYs

Edit your trading setup in the Setup Tab

Dashboard : Load a Setup and click the Start Button

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