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How does GunBot work ?

Download & Run

All you need to do is Get your API key (that is also the license key), Download GunBot and Run it !
Need a fast Tool to deploy in a Debian or Ubuntu instance ? here is a cool tool : Gunbot Generator (by BeerK0in)

GunBot Configuration

You must configure the Bot before you run it . Set the Pair (BTC-ETH), Set the Amount you want to trade, the Buy and Sell Strategy and you are done .

Hardware Requirements

You can run GunBot from your own computer / laptop OR you can buy a VPS (virtual private server) from one of the recommended providers : Contabo Servers, Vultr Servers, Turnkey Servers or a VPS provider of your choice.
We recommend choosing an instance with a min. 4 cores and 4 GB RAM .

Let the Money come to you !

All set-up ?! Great ! Then let the money come to you ! Check your configuration settings from time to time and besides that look for Free Tools that can help you in choosing the best settings for your Coin Pairs, like :, Poloniex Ninja, Gunbot Monitor.

Gunbot 3.3.2 - Easy Configuration & Easy Deployment


Why should you choose GunBot ?

Simply it's the Best Automated Trading Tool for either Poloniex, Bittrex or Kraken .

Onetime Payment - Lifetime License

Works on Windows / Linux / Mac

Great Community and Support

Multiple Buy & Sell Strategies : Bollinger Band / Gain / Step Gain and more

More then 2000 Active GunBot Traders

Make money while you sleep !

1. Linux users can only run the Command Line version of GunBot .
2. MAC / OSx users can only run the Command Line version of GunBot .
3. We recommend a Contabo VPS Server with Windows 10 or Linux for best performance - priced at $15 per month.

The minimum REQUIREMENTS for using GUNBOT

Basic skills for file editing | Basic computer skills | The logic of Market Trading | Understanding that Gunbot is an automation software for trading crypto-currencies, and that the user must configure the trading bot accordingly to his needs and desired trades. | Understanding that Gunbot does NOT make any predictions, and it does NOT take decisions for the Trader. - For example it does not chose what coin-pairs to trade on it's own | Understanding that configuring Gunbot is mandatory and falls in the hands of the Trader .

If you don't know what the following terms mean, this software may NOT be for you :
Bitcoin | Trading Crypto-currencies | Coin-Pair | API Key, Api Secret | Buy Price / Sell Price | Holding a Portfolio of Cryptographic Coins | Deposits and Withdrawals | VPS - Virtual Private Server | Console / Terminal window

Gunbot Customer Reviews

Frequently asked questions

1Before running Gunbot please Educate yourself !
The following article will get you started with all the details needed to run Gunbot like a Pro !
We suggest that you take the time to read all that our powerful tool can do and how to configure your copy of Gunbot .

LINK: How to use Gunbot - a must read for beginners and intermediate users !
2How to start GunBot from a fresh install ?
- Double click on GUNBOT.EXE
- Change coin names and exchange (Kraken failed the test protocol, please use only polo and bittrex: in the next 24 hours i will push kraken in this release and update this note)
- Push SAVE SETTINGS button
- Push START button
- WAIT for both debug and color consoles to show up and the Alert box to automatically close
- Repeat for every new coin you want to trade
3How to migrate from GunBot v3.3.2 ?
- Make a new folder and copy/paste all your save.json file from old bot to new one
- Change coin names and exchange, following the save.json files you copy/pasted. Example: if you have poloniex-BTC_ETH-save.json, change coin names and market in the GUI to BTC/ETH/Poloniex
- Push SAVE SETTINGS button
- Push START button
- WAIT for both debug and colo consoles to show up and the Alert box to automatically close
- Repeat for each save.json file
4How to start GunBot again after the first install start ?
- Push LOAD SETTINGS button: in the new window, select the pair worker you want to use
- Push START button
- WAIT for both debug and colo consoles to show up and the Alert box to automatically close
- Repeat for each worker file you previously saved with V3.3 ONLY !!!! (workers from previous versions are not compatible)
5How to use the START ALL PAIR function in GunBot ?
- Your bot will ask if you want to start all previously saved pairs: answer yes
- WAIT for all consoles (both debug and color) to start and for all Alert messageboxes to close automatically. If after a few minutes you see some Alert messageboxes not closing, you can push the RETRY button: the connection timedout and the retry function will kick your pair to start: all fine !
6What Buy / Sell strategy does GunBot have ?
- Pure Bollinger Band
- Gain
- Step Gain
- Ping Pong

Increasing the power of BB strategy with the following algo: StepGain, Gain, PingPong. You can now mix the 4 strategies as you wish on the 3 supported markets: Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex.

Here are the possible algo you can use:

Pure BB: the BB formula has been improved, it now shows good values and it is not consuming the amount of CPU it used in v3.1. I suggest to start with 30 lowBB and 30 highBB values and then tune them on the fly for each coin.
You can restart the bot whenever you want: it will remember the BB. To use this strategy set BUY_STRATEGY: 'BB' and SELL_STRATEGY: 'BB' in your config files.
Pure STEPGAIN: BUY_STRATEGY: 'STEPGAIN' and SELL_STRATEGY: 'STEPGAIN' in your config files, will give you the power to explore up and down until the bot finds the best price to buy and the highest price to sell (supergun trend watchdog applies with improved algo). All of this on all 3 markets: Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex. We have now 2 levels of BUY and 2 levels of SELL only in config files, since the third has not been really useful. Set BUYLVL and SELLLVL to the right level you want to use. Example: if you have BUYLVL1 to 3 and BUYLVL2 to 5, set BUYLVL to 2 if you want to explore from to 5%to infinite, or set BUYLVL to 1 if you want to explore from 3% to infinite.
Pure GAIN: BUY_STRATEGY: 'GAIN' and SELL_STRATEGY: 'GAIN' in yoru config files will give you the power to explore from BUY_LEVEL % to infinite and from GAIN % to infinite.
For example: if you set BUY_LEVEL to 3 and GAIN to 5, it will buy at 3% or more (supergun trend watchdog applies) and it will sell at 5% or more (again supergun trend watchdog applies). All of this in all markets: Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex.
Pure PINGPONG: set a price to buy and a price to sell in PINGPONG_BUY and PINGPONG_SELL config values and your bot will continuosly buy at PINGPONG_BUY price or lower and sell at PINGPONG_SELL or higher. Supergun trend watchdog applies and this strategy is available in all markets: Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex.

Any MIX of above strategies: you can set BUY_STRATEGY and SELL_STRATEGY values to any mix you want. For example you can buy with BB and sell with PINGPONG, or you can buy with PINGPONG and sell with GAIN, or BUY with STEPGAIN and sell with GAIN, and so on.

Any mix you use, supergun trend watchdog will always help you to get a lower price to buy and an higher price to sell of what you put in configs: all of this on all markets, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken.


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