Gunbot v28 - Gunbot NextGen

Gunbot v28, also known as Gunbot NextGen, unveils a plethora of transformative updates and refinements, heralding a new era for users seeking enhanced trading experiences. This version of Gunbot boasts an intuitive basic interface tailored to cater to the needs of novice users, the inception of limit Grid Bots, streamlined API management, expanded order types for the Gunbot strategies, and a meticulous resolution of various bugs.

Detailed below are the pivotal modifications that distinguish this version.


  1. Download: Get the latest release from:

    BETA versions for testing latest developments and unpublished fixes:

  2. Unzip: Extract the contents into a fresh folder.
  3. Stop the Old Bot: Ensure the complete cessation of the previous bot version.
  4. Backup: Safeguard your current bot configuration by duplicating the existing bot folder.
  5. Replace Executable: Replace the Gunbot executable from the new release into your bot folder.
  6. Start Gunbot: Launch Gunbot following standard procedures.

Novel Features:

  1. Basic Mode Interface: Unveiling an uncomplicated interface tailored for ease of setup and configuration.
  2. Enhanced API Management: Streamlined processes for a more efficient API utilization.
  3. Limit Grid Bots: Introduction of innovative bots employing limit orders for refined trading strategies.
  4. Dark and Light Modes: The interface is now customizable, offering both dark and light mode options.
  5. Expanded Order Types: Diversification of order types for custom strategies.
  6. Advanced Strategies: Inclusion of new strategy options focusing on stop loss and maximum capital usage.

Core Bug Rectifications:

  1. Bybit and dydx Fixes: Addressed issues such as Bybit’s zero position size error and dydx’s trading halt post-extended operations.
  2. Improved Market Order Handling: Enhanced management of market orders and rectification of double API secret encryption issues for dydx users.
  3. Bybit Unified_Spot Accounts: Resolved ABP (average bought price) and balance data discrepancies.
  4. GUI Enhancements: Overhauled GUI functionality, resolving Trading Terminal issues, and refining AI strategy creation prompts.
  5. Coinbase Advanced Integration: Significant improvements encompassing frontend alterations, streamlined order handling, balance updates, and AutoConfig support.
  6. Performance Refinements: Decreased cycling times for pairs, eradication of freezing behavior in the core, and the introduction of a new function to tackle potential WebSocket issues with Binance.

Frontend Bug Resolutions:

  1. Installation and Device Compatibility: Rectified GUI issues related to new installations, mobile device crashes, and loading delays.
  2. Chart Rendering: Improved rendering speed and strategy indicator display for a more seamless user experience.
  3. Coinbase Advanced Integration: Integrated Coinbase Advanced into the GUI for comprehensive asset management.

Quanta-G Updates:

  1. Autosetup Fixes: Addressed issues related to Autosetup respecting watch-mode settings.
  2. Backend Compatibility: Enhanced backend GUI compatibility and revamped parameter change code structure.
  3. Profit Display: Improved visualization of interval profits and tooltips for heightened clarity.

This comprehensive overhaul positions Gunbot v28 as an unparalleled solution, blending cutting-edge features with a user-centric design to redefine the landscape of automated trading.

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