Gunbot v20 - What's New

What’s new in Gunbot v.20

  1. New GUI: New design, New Dashboard, improved performance, easier to use, better charting / etc.
  2. Seamless config changes: pair cycling is no longer interrupted when a config change happens. You can now edit your settings and save them without Gunbot needing to restart.
  3. TradingView Charts directly in the Gunbot trading coin-pair view.
  4. A New Strategy for SPOT trading: the Support & Resistance Strategy
  5. Profit and Loss Dashboard
  6. Easier config sharing: import parts of config.js or autoconfig.json using the GUI
  7. Store more order history: to improve profit/loss calculations and prevent unneeded “bought price” warnings, the complete order history is now locally saved over time
  8. Visual trading aid: the charts now show live data and indicators like: the buying or selling limit, the average bought price, stop-loss, besides the indicators marked based on the strategy settings.
  9. Gunbot Trading Tournaments and Trading Contests



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