A virtual private server or VPS can be used, besides hosting websites and applications, as a always on desktop computer, that ca be accessed from anywhere in the world .

Why would you get a Virtual Private Server ?

  1. Always Online – 24/7
  2. No electricity costs, no internet costs
  3. No hardware to maintain, to fix or to replace
  4. Cheap solutions for powerful machines ( ex.: 12 GB RAM / 4 core starting at $8.99 per month )
  5. Fast Install / Reinstall the operating system from a Web GUI, with a click of a button – no input needed
  6. Backups

For all of you guys that are 100% non-tech, this is a very easy guide on how to get your own Virtual Desktop without the need of ever installing the operating system or needing any server administrator skills .

How do you get a VPS with 12 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores with just $14.99 per month ?

1. Go to the Contabo VPS page and pick a configuration that is right for your needsRecommended Gunbot configuration : VPS M SSD or above .


Example of a VPS configuration and monthly cost


2. Select the Operating System, for example Windows 2016 – it’s the same as Windows 10


3. Quick checkout . Payment options : PayPal and Credit Card .

4. Receive Account Activation and Login Information via e-mailsetup takes up to a few hours !

First Email after Payment :


Account Details Email :


5. Open Remote Desktop Connection if in Windows, if you are on MAC you can download it, if you are a Linux user you can manage .

6. Connect to your Desktop using your IP, administrator user and password .


Mac OS users can use the following tutorial on how to use Microsoft Remore Desktop to connect to their VPS.

At this point you have a virtual private server, with the operating system already installed and ready to  be used .

If you are a Gunbot user, just download your latest version of Gunbot in your new Virtual Private Server’s Desktop, unzip, configure and start in a matter of minutes !

Happy trading !

Do you have anything to say ? Add your thoughts in the comments below !


  1. Icke says:

    what i choose if i have a macbook ?

    • Mr Crypto says:

      the system you use as your local computer is not important at this stage. when you rent a VPS, you select the software Operating System that will run on that machine

  2. Hansch says:

    Delay ping from Contabo to Bittrex, Binance etc?

  3. John says:

    Thanks for this tutorial, very clear explanation

  4. Justin chase says:

    Bitfinex doesn’t allow USA customers. is there a VPS that shows out of the USA when connecting to Bitfinex?

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