Changes in the Gunbot version 14 release

  • Improved ROE calculation for Bitmex: values now closely match the leveraged ROE values on Bitmex itself. If you’re unsure what value to use in Gunbot, refer to the examples on the margin strategy pages for ROE.

  • TradingView alerts on Bitmex Testnet: email alerts can now also be used on Testnet.

  • Close entire positions on Bitmex using alerts: enable TV_CLOSE_ALL to close an entire position when a close alert arrives, instead of closing the amount specified in trading limit settings.

  • SL_DISABLE_SELL : Disabled the sell side after a short position hit STOP_LIMIT.

  • Lending Rate (Poloniex): Allow for entering a maximum lending rate for margin positions.

Gunbot v14 Install on a Windows 10 box [ video tutorial ]

Gunbot ver14 Windows 10 Install Guide:

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