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Important Notes:

How to change your Gunbot registered market API Keys for FREE:

Gunbot owners that are still holding at least one working API Key, can change any API details, for FREE / without any operation costs, directly from the Gunbot’s ‘Edit License Section.

*Important: this service is available only for the clients that registered using Gunbot owners that are not clients with should contact us first, before ordering this service.

*Important: the ‘Edit License Section‘ is only available for Gunbot installs that are running without license errors and that are able to trade on at least one market (even with buy & sell disabled).

**Important: If you only hold a single API slot license (like Gunbot Standard or Gunbot Starter) we recommend Upgrading to Gunbot Pro license or to a Gunbot Ultimate license and activating two or more API Keys, avoiding any API Change fees in the future.

Did you lose all the API Keys linked to your Gunthy Wallet Address?

Gunbot owners that simply lost all their licensed (linked) API Key details ( all cases apply ) will have to use this service to change an old registered Gunbot licensed API Key to a new Gunbot licensed API Key.

Did you lose your Gunbot registered Wallet Address (ERC20 address)?

In case you lost access to your Gunthy Wallet or if it has been compromised, please follow the steps below:
1. Register a new Wallet Address (ERC20)
2. Get the needed tokens from one of the markets trading the GUNTHY token and deposit that in your new registered Gunthy Wallet (ERC20).
3. Submit your Wallet Change Request only after the 2 steps above have been completed.

Gunbot Owners can request their License change or License transfer with this service.

Please add a note to your order with the following information:

1. Your Gunthy (ERC20) Wallet Address;
2. Your new API Key (and the market name);


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